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Darwin Day Essay Contest

The focus of Darwin Day at Minot State University has always been on the relevance of evolution to every day life.  In addition to talks on scientific illustration and the extinction of dinosaurs one of this year’s  talks on Friday will be on the evolution of turtles.  Turtles? you ask.  Who cares about turtles?  If science has taught us anything it is that seeking answers to questions is always a worthy pursuit.  So, the topic of this year’s essay contest is:

How did the turtle get its shell and why should we care?

This year’s contest has three divisions – a middle school division (grades -8) and a high school division (grades 9–12) and university division.  
Write for as long as you wish, but try to be concise.  Use whatever format you wish.  We would like to read essays that are awesome, and really long essays usually are not awesome.  Shoot for between 1000 and 2000 words. We are all old professors (not quite fossils) whose eyesight is waning so please use at least 1.5 line spacing and a 12 pt font.  Essays are due at midnight, Friday February 26th.  Please email them to paul.lepp@minotstateu.edu.
If possible, check out the DarwinDay schedule so you can come see world fossil turtle authority and North Dakota paleontologist talk about the turtle shell.
A top prize of $100 will be given in each division and one $50 runner-up prizes given for each division.

Darwin Day Art Competition

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