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Neil Schubin's lecture

I have read Your Inner Fish and would enjoy hearing Neil Schubin's presentation next Thursday evening, but time and distance make it impractical to come to Minot. Any chance there will be a webcast or a video available for viewing later? I would be very interested.

Hi, Unfortunately, we do not


Unfortunately, we do not have any video available.

Alexey Shipunov



I will be a new student from Spring, majoring in Biology. i was wondering if there are any schoalrships (acdemic etc) besides the general school , to apply to.




Hi Jason,

Each spring "Science scholarships" are awarded (paid out the following fall) to a number of existing Biology and Science students. Notices soliciting applications are posted usually sometime in march. The Ruth and Charles Hoffman scholarship (to students witha demonstrated interest in botany/horticulture) is awarded at the same time. Unfortunately, individual Science scholarships are fairly small ranging up to a couple of hundred. The Hoffman can amout to several hundred.

Chris keller