Dr. Alexey Shipunov

Alexey Shipunov, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology

Alexey was born in Moscow (Russia) and received a M.Sc. in Moscow State University in 1990, then Ph.D. (taxonomy of plantains, Plantago) at the same University in 1998. He worked as a teacher in several high schools and universities in Russia, and have a one-year postdoctoral fellowship (phylogeny of orchids) in Kew Gardens (England) under a supervision of Prof. Mark Chase, FRS. In 2006, he moved to U.S., first to University of Idaho for the postdoctoral fellowship (fungi of invasive spotted knapweed) with Prof. George Newcombe, then to Marine Biological Laboratory as an associate researcher in Encyclopedia of Life. In 2010, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor to Minot State University. In 2011, he started "Flora of North Dakota" project. His scientific interests are: global phylogeny, theory of systematics, classic and molecular phylogeny of plantains (Plantago), local floras of North America (North Dakota) and Russia (Central Russia, Caucasus and Arctic White Sea), invasive plants, computer bioinformatics, biodiversity databases and data analysis.

Office: 229 Cyril Moore

Phone: (701) 858-3116

Email: alexey.shipunov@minotstateu.edu


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