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This website will serve as a "one-stop shop" for information, announcements, assignments, and web links for the Immunlogy course for Spring 2016.  Please visit the site often to stay informed and up-to-date.  Please inform me immediately regarding problems accessing material from the website.


Guidelines for Final: Here

Accumulated points for Spring semester=515



Syllabus Spring 2018

In addition to the paper given out in the first lecture, please read:

Cancer Immunotherapy: Harnessing the Immune System to Battle Cancer


Lecture 20

Lecture 21

Lecture 22

Lecture 23

Lecture 24

Lecture 25


Lecture 26

Lecture 27

Lecture 28

Lecture 29

Lecture 30

Lecture 31--2 figures were corrupting the file--I had to remove.  

Lecture 32

  Lab 4--Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Lab 4---FACS analysis background---how do we know differentiation took place?
Lab 5--Pregnancy testing backround    Pregnancy tesing protocol
Lab 6--Mouse model for immunological organs. View this animation BEFORE lab (It has inspiring music). 
Detailed histology tutorial here.
Lab 7--ELISA part 1--Background/Introduction  and  protocol 
Lab 7 ELISA part 2--Background/intro  (bring protocol and all materials from last week)Lab7 ELISA Part II


ELISA animation for a modified assay.

Lab7 ELISA Part II




----------------------------OLD MATERIAL BELOW THIS LINE--Do NOT USE in 2018 COURSE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------








Animation 1

Animation 2

Lab 5--ELISA Part 1-- Background Protocol







Lab 4 doccuments

Lab 4 part 2 documents






TLR papers---TLR article (both papers are in one pdf). 





ABO blood group system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Blood Groups, Blood Typing and Blood Transfusions (Includes a game to test your understanding of ABO blood compatability)