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Due Monday December 9th---complete map of Drosophila X-chromosome showing order of genes cv,f, and y as well as intergene distances.  All work must be shown and explained.  F2 data here
Exam 4 will NOT be Friday, Dec. 13th.  I have decided to incorporate material taught since exam 3 into the final exam.  
Point total (updated December 7th) = 341 points
Use this grade calculator to double check your percentage.


Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3     CRISPR and Sickle Cell Anemia

Lecture 4     More on Cell cycle control

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7.     Paper --Down syndrome.         Tumor suppressor  in DSCR


Lecture 8

Lecture 9

Lecture 10

Lecture 11--INDEPENDENT STUDY FOR 9-27-19

Lecture 12

Lecture 13

Lecture 14

Lecture 15

Lecture 16

Lecture 17


Lecture 18

Lecture 19

Lecture 20

Lecture 21

Lecture 22

Lecture 23

Lecture 24

Lecture 25

Lecture 26

Lecture 27

Novembern 8th, 2019---We will just finigh the concepts of lecture 27, go over lab quiz 2 and look at transformation plates.  

Lab 8--Observations and discussion.

Lecture 28

Lecture 29


Lecture 30

Lecture 31--Few new slides from last lecture

Lecture 32

Lecture 33

Lecture 34

Lecture 35



Lab Manual--2019

lab report guidelines

Lab 1--preparation of onion root

Lab 1--Handouts for Sept. 5th, 2019

Example lab report  Do not plagiarize. This is not a perfect report.   *This example report was written before students participated in the growing of their own roots.  Don't forget that part of the protocol. 

Print both below for Lab 2

Lab 2---Meiosis Part 1

Lab 2---Meiosis Part 2


Lab 3--Mendel Part 1

Lab 4--Analyisis of corn data    Compiled Data here (2 different sheets to spreadsheet).  2-page pdf hard copy of data: HERE

Guidelines for lab 3-4

Lab 5--Introduction to Drosophila and X-linkage. Introductory lecture

Lab 6--Human traits (We will also set up Drosophila crosses today)

Lab 7---Analyisis of human traits---Population genetics.  Hardy-Weinberg. Class data here:

Lab report 5/7 guidelines

Lab 8---Bacterial Transformation--DNA is the genetic material. Lab 8--Observations and discussion.

Lab 9---Finish up bacterial transformation, discuss GFP and basics of gene regulation AND analyze Drosophila F1 and introduce 3-point mapping.-- New lab materials provided in lab.   Bring this:Observations and discussion.

Presentation on 3 point mapping

Presentation on gene regulation (GFP)

Lab 10--Polymerase Chain Reaction--determining your PV92 genotype/molecular genotyping   


PCR  (Animation)




Lecture Documents/Assigned Reading

Syllabus  Fall 2019

lecture summary page

Check out this advance in the treatment of Tay-Sachs disease


Another recessive human genetic disease with huge advance in treatment--Check out new drug development for Cystic Fibrosis


Exam Prep

Topics lists

Exam 1 topics list

Exam 2 topics list

Exam 3 topics list


Practice Problems

Problem Set 1    Key/Solutions

Problem Set 2.    Key/Solutions

Pedigree problems--including X-linkage  Hemophilia story--questions

Problem Set 3     Key/solutions

Problem Set 4--linkage/recombination mapping.   Key/Solutions





Replication 1


Replication 2


Below this line---Ignore!  Old material



Drosophila F2 data analysis--guidelines

Lab 9 part 2---analysis of PCR products.  It is essential that you are prepared for this lab.  Read your lab handout from Lab 10- Part 1 to refresh your memory of PCR and to begin to understand the dimorphic nature of the PV92 locus.  PV92 has 2 alleles. Predict  your genotype.  Review animation on electrophoresis. 

Electrophoresis animation:

PV92 gels here.  9 am lab     1 pm lab






Paper 1---Genetically engineering animals for human health


Paper 3 Dog gentetics paper

Paper 4--Variation in size in dogs--read abstract.

Paper 5---X-inactivation molecular mechanism


Lab 8--Bacterial transformation "seeing the genetic material at work"  Transformation discussion--Here

Lab 9---Determinining your PV92 genotype---PCR and genetic polymorphisms.  PCR LECTURE

Lab 7---take home lab on Polygenic/Continuous traits

Lab 8---Drosophila part II and Introduction to recombination mapping Part I and Part II.

Lab 9---Bacterial transformation---"seeing" the genetic material.

Lab 10 Transformation data and  discussion questions  AND Drosophila Part III

100 bp ladder

1 kb ladder


View Animation---Transcription (prokaryotes) and more Transcription (eukaryotes)


Protein Synthesis Animation--translation


Electrophoresis animation:




Ch. 2 multiple choice














Guidelines for Lab 6-7 report

Lab 8---  We will be studying a polygenic/quantitative human trait related to fingerprints.

Lab 9---Molecular genetics--Bacterial transformation  After overnight incubation please use this handout to observe your plates.  

Lab 10--Polymerase Chain Reaction--determining your PV92 genotype













































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