MSU DarwinDay features jurored artshow with cash awards for artists and high school artists!!

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62 Doors Gallery and Minot State University are celebrating Darwin Day 2011. How does an art gallery celebrate Charles Darwin, you might ask? Well, by having a jurored art show, obviously. What better way to celebrate the the dude's influence on culture than by bringing in a judge to juror out the riff-raff and award the outstanding artists among the herd. Tom Fleming, big-time professional illustrator, will be sharing his expertise by choosing the winners and awarding the cash.

The artworks chosen for the show will be on display at the MSU Beaver Dam during the Darwin Day Celebration on February 11th from 9am to 3:30pm. Then, it will be shown at the closing reception at 62 Doors that evening starting at 7pm. All awards will be announced at the reception.

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