BIOL 151

BIOl 151 syllabus Fall 2019 (pdf)        

The What-do-I-need-to-pass-this-class GRADE CALCULATOR   

Book: Campbell's Biology, 11th edition - If you are a biology major, definitely buy this book! This will be a great reference for your entire academic career. If you are taking this course as a gen ed and are not a science major, you can get by with an older edition and save some money.

Note taking - do it by hand!

Lab Handouts: Print these out and bring them to lab. Read them before lab!
Lab 1 - Scientific Method 
Lab 2 - Osmosis     
Lab 3 - Mitosis Meiosis      
Lab 4 - Genetics    
Lab 5 - Evolution Game
Lab 6 - Phylogenies (Vertebrates)
Lab 7 - Phylogenies (Invertebrates)
Lab 8 - Porifera Cnidaria Annelida Platyhelminthes
Lab 9 - Mollusca Arthropoda Nematoda    
Lab 10 - Echinodermata Chordata

Lectures on Critters:
Protista, Porifera, Cnidaria     
Platyhelminthes, Annelida, Mollusca      
Nematoda, Arthropoda    

Science, Science Denial, and Pseudoscience:
Scientific Method - Mouse examples   
Scientific Studies John Oliver    (Language!)
Testing Scientific Ideas   
5 Techniques of Science Denial (about climate change, but applies to anything)

Diffusion video      
Passive Transport video     
Active Transport video       
Na-K pump video    
Endocytosi-Exocytosis video 1   video2   
Mitosis Meiosis questions                 
Genetics questions

Eye Evolution - the comment section may make your brain explode, watch out ;)
Tree of Life Project     
Phylogeny Entrance (Berkeley)