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Welcome!!  You have successfully located the coursepage for Concepts of Biology/Biol 111.   This page will  be a "one stop location" for information regarding the course.   If possible, all links to course information and resources can be located and reached from within this site.  Make it a bookmark on your computer or the computer you use regularly!



Fianal Exam,  Tuesday, May 8th, 12-1:50 pm.  100 points/100 questions 



Ancient Penguin fossil---reading

Acid Oceans affecting oysters--Reading 

Mitochondria are hot hot hot--Reading

Photsynthetic bacteria helping with heart attacks! Reading

Transitional fossil Ichthyornis dispar  Reading

Lecture Material


Lecture 29--April 18

Lecture 30--April 20

Lecture 31--April 23

Lecture 32--April 25

April 27th---Going over exam 4/Topics list for exam 5 

Lecture 33--April 30th

Final lecture---be here to go over exam 5 and to hear about format of final exam.




Exam related material

Scantron example

Exam 1 topics/guidelines

Exam 2 topics/guidelines

Exam 3 topics/guidelines

Exam 4 topics/guidelines

Exam 5 topics/guidelines


Lab Material

Syllabus/General information

Lab 1 --Practicing the Scientific Method

Lab 2--Biodiversity/Taxonomy/Phylogenetic Trees

Lab 3--Cells/Microscopy

Lab 4--Osmosis

Lab 5--Cell Craft Game

Lab 6--Photosynthesis and Respiration

Lab 7--Mitosis

Lab 8--dichotomous keys--plant diversity

Lab 9--Genetics/phenoptyes/inheritance

Lab 10--blood typing

Lab 11--Natural Selection 

Lab 12--Evolution Game



DO NOT USE MATERIAL BELOW THIS LINE---from previous year course




































Paper 4---dog genetics


Discussion presentations

Discussion 1

Discussion 2

Discussion 3  Fun stuff

Discussion 4---



Textbook companion website

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