General Microbiology (H. Super)

General Microbiology/Biol 142

Spring 2012

MWF 12-1

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Labs--Tues 9-11 am or Thurs 11 am -1 pm. Cyril Moore Rm 318

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Heidi Super, Ph.D.

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Office hours: M, W, F 11-12  p.m. or other times by appointment



Bird flu virus

                                              Why has it been in the news lately?     



Quiz 7 is May 2.

Total points: Midterm total =330 (6 quizzes +11 labs + lab midterm)

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 Lecture material

Leeuwenhoek's discoveries:


Lecture 35

Lecture 36

Lecture 37

4-27-12  No lecture today.  I am home with a sick child.  Keep studying!!  :)

Child well again!  Lecture 38

Lecture 39

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Current event discussed:

Current Events-2012:

Malaria research:


Autism/intestinal bacteria

Using low voltage shocks to kill bacteria on meat:


 Making bacteria more sensitive to antibiotics

HINI flu virus---resistance to best drugs


Information on cervical cancer/HPV vaccines:

Breakthrough in brain cancer

Blood cell development

HIV resistance in sex workers

Fecal transplants--EWWWWWW!  Read this!

Moratorium on research on bird flu virus.

New decision on bird flu research

Antibiotics for sinus infections

H. pylori and diabetes

Asthma linked to antibiotic use

Lake Geneva bacteria analysis

Hepatitis C Virus drug development

Latest influenza season in 30 years •

Blinking bacteria---

Finding antibiotic resistant bacteria in caves!,0,6511188.story?track=icymi

Flu Deaths in South Dakota

World Malaria Day

Infant Vaccination Week

Whooping cough in Montana--

Contraversial Bird Flu paper published in detail.











Microorganism list

Plasmodium falciparum

Naegleria fowleri

Escherichia coli

Yersinia pestis

Human Papilloma virus

Turbatrix aceti

H5N1 influenza virus

Clostridium difficile

Clostridium tetanai

Clostridium botulinum

Bordetella pertussis


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Lab material-2011

Micro 142 LAB syllabus 2011

Micro 142 LAB syllabus 2011 PDF

Lab 1-2011

Lab 1-2011-PDF

Lab I--thought questions

Lab 2-pure culture

Lab 2-pure culture-PDF

lab 2 discussion

Lab 3Lab 3 micro

Lab 4lab4gram stain

General Microbiology--lab announcement

Lab 5 5 enumeration temp growth exercise.doc

Discussion lab 5

Lab 6 endospores

Lab 7

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